How to Vote in 2020

Guide to voting essentials and election hot topics.

September 29, 2020

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Right now, this world is a scary place to be. We can't set foot outside our homes without wearing a mask, wildfires are ravaging homes, and people are isolated and lonely. Good news is you can do something about it pronto. The upcoming presidential election is in 34 days, and your vote counts more than ever.

If you care about money, equality, healthcare, education, the environment, having a job - literally anything - you can make a change for the better by voting. Your vote says that you support a leader who will fight for these issues on your behalf.

Your vote says that you support a leader who will fight for important issues on your behalf.

We're not usually a political bunch, but this year's election is so important for determining whether things get better or worst in the next four years. Choosing the person you'll vote for is a personal choice, and we're not here to tell you who the better candidate is. We're here to share some resources that may help answer your questions about voting and give you more information on some of the most debated topics.

If you're looking for the essentials of voting, there's no better place to start than Get answers to vital questions like when the election is, how to register to vote, and how to vote by mail. It's super easy to get the information you need based on your state too.

There's a lot of information swirling about in the internet sphere. And if you're anything like us, you're likely often confused about what's true and what's made-up. So we pulled up our sleeves, dug into the net, and got answers to some of the questions many Americans are asking.

Is climate change really a thing?

On the US's west coast, you only need to spend a few seconds outside to know that climate change is in the air. Summer months were scorching hot and plagued with uncontrollable wildfires. And in the East, mighty storms came knocking on many doors, forcing residents to flee to safer places.

Climate change is here, but with a little modification in how we live, it doesn't have to stay. Take a peek at this article to see how people around the world view climate change.


Is healthcare doomed?

Our country has been struggling with healthcare F-O-R-E-V-E-R. You'd think everyone would agree that all humans should have access to basic healthcare. But the debate on healthcare seems to be resembling a reality show in that there are many unexpected twists, turns, and scheming characters.

This article will get you up to speed on how the 2020 election will affect healthcare in the upcoming years.

Why is college so damn expensive?

We're so glad we're not in college anymore because, damn! Tuition had a lift-off and never returned to Earth even though many classes are online nowadays.

Give this article a listen to get updated on education hot-topics like student loan debt and income inequality caused by unequal education opportunities.

Why is mail-in-voting being bullied?

Mail-in-voting, known to many as absentee voting, has been around since the 1800s. But it wasn't until the 80s that it became trendy.

States like Oregon, Washington, and Colorado distribute all ballots by mail. In some states like California and Florida, you can request an absentee ballot, no excuse required. Some states require you to provide a reason when requesting an absentee ballot.


Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, mail-in voting is in the spotlight because it may be the safest way for Americans to vote. Some political parties have argued that mail-in voting is more susceptible to fraud. However, decades of experience have proven otherwise.

Listen to these articles to learn more about why voting by mail is as legitimate as voting in person:

Why Is Voting By Mail (Suddenly) Controversial? Here's What You Need To Know
Voting by Mail and Absentee Voting

Our country is in dire need of a makeover and you lovely people have the power to make it happen. We hope you're as ready as we are to be loud, be heard, and vote on November 3rd!

We hope you're as ready as we are to be loud, be heard, and vote on November 3rd!

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