Here's How to Boost your Productivity When Working (or Schooling) from Home

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May 21, 2020

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At first, wearing yoga pants with a T, and walking 12 steps to my home office was a dream come true. No more traffic, heels, and conference rooms. I thought I finally made it to heaven. But after week 7 of remote work, the line between work and life became blurrier and blurrier. And at the end of each day, I often wondered where does my time go?

Balance isn't achieved by separating life and work. It's finding a way to allow them to coexist peacefully.

Working from home can make it difficult to determine when work ends and home-life begins. Achieving that elusive work-life balance seems almost unattainable whether we're working at an office or from home. But these days, I'm starting to think that balance isn't achieved by separating these two equally important parts of life. It's finding a way to allow them to coexist peacefully throughout our day.

This concept is even more critical during this pandemic, as many try to navigate working and caring for families at home. Read more here about What Will Work-Life Balance Look Like After the Pandemic?

You may think that you have to sit in front of a computer to be productive. That's far from true. Podcasts and audiobooks, for example, help you learn new skills or listen to the news without being glued to one spot. If you want to listen to something you wrote or isn't available on these platforms, like an article or publication, you can use a text reader to convert your text to speech.


There are many ways you can use text to speech to increase your productivity while being away from the screen. I've highlighted three that I do regularly to make tedious work-related tasks more exciting and less of a chore.

Listen to Emails

Many of us receive hundreds of emails a day and we spend obscene amounts of time reading them. With Leksi, I can go through my email quicker by using it as a text reader to read my email aloud. Listening to email is one of my first activities in the morning while brewing tea and making toast. By the time I get to my desk, I've knocked out half of my inbox.

Do Research

Writing an article with relevant and timely information requires a lot of research and reading. To complete my research, I often convert my reading materials from text to speech. I listen to these while I'm out for a jog. When I return home, my mind is fresh with ideas and ready to write.

Listen to Contracts

Reading contracts is boring. And let's be honest - most of us barely skim these. Who wouldn't when you need to sign a contract for literally everything, even a grocery store savings card?

I hate to say it, but reading a contract end to end is necessary. Reviewing contracts in its entirety has become more manageable since I started using Leksi to read them aloud. Not only do I catch things in the contract that I probably would have missed if I just skimmed it, but I can also listen while doing activities I'd much rather do (e.g., go for a walk or cook dinner). Listening to my contracts gives me another chance to 'read' it and sign with confidence.

3 easy ways to boost your productivity while working (or schooling) from home: listen to your research, emails, and contracts.

Students and professionals are integrating text to speech in many unique ways to increase their productivity and maximize their days. We know Leksi the best, but there are others like Google Text to Speech or Voice Dream.

Ever used a text to speech app to increase your productivity? We want to hear from you! Send us an email with your hack, and if chosen, we'll feature it in an upcoming post and send you a code for a free 1-month membership to Leksi.


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