Board Exams are Hard. Text to Speech Makes it Easier.

Ace the ultimate final exam.

May 6, 2020

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Hey, new grads! This is the moment you've all been waiting for - getting a real job. The economy is looking a little grim right now, but the healthcare industry is always in need of bright and courageous pharmacists, doctors, and nurses. But before that job offer hits your inbox, you know what you have to do. Pass your boards!

Hey, new grads! This is the moment you've all been waiting for - getting a real job.

Board exams are the ultimate final exam. It crams years and years of info into mere hours of testing time. Before healthcare providers can get their license to practice, they have to show that they have the knowledge and skill to care for another human being. The board exams are just one of those ways.

No one takes the boards lightly. I bet many of you pharmacy, nursing, and medical school grads are having a bit of anxiety about your looming board exams. I certainly did.

But panic is for the unprepared. We know you have lots to learn and remember, so studying the right materials and using the best study tools is non-negotiable. Let us introduce you to one of these study tools.


If you haven't heard, text to speech is a technology based on some pretty impressive advances in artificial intelligence. Text to speech used to be available only to those with lots of green, but with advances in technology, it's now more accessible to students and professionals. And here at Leksi, we're making sure everyone in the healthcare industry has access to this very impactful technology.

For all you new pharmacists, nurses, and doctors studying for boards, you might be wondering how Leksi can skyrocket your studies. Here are some real-life examples on how the Leksi text to speech app can help you prepare for the test of your life.

Listen to notes and textbooks

Do you have gobs of notes and chapters to review? You can use Leksi as a text reader by converting your class notes and books to audio. Now you can simultaneously study and take a hike. If you haven't yet heard the powers of combining study and exercise, check out our article on Genius Hack to Make your Brain Smarter.

Listen to law handbooks

Law exams are the bain of a future pharmacist's existence. Instead of sitting down to read pages and pages of pharmacy law, consider downloading it and converting it from text to speech. Leksi uses premium voices, so listening to it isn't so dry, and you can get your 'reading' done while walking the dog or sitting by the pool.

Listen to treatment guidelines

Need to brush up on medical guidelines before the big test? Many of these are available as a PDF format, and you can instantly convert pdf to speech in Leksi. Combine the power of listening with reading and you'll be wearing that white coat in no time. Here are some guidelines that are pretty important for any healthcare provider to know:

Make studying for board exams easier by using a text reader to listen to your notes, books, and guidelines.

Studying for one of the most important tests of your career can be intimidating. But you can make it easier on yourself by varying your study tools. Leksi can help by converting your notes and documents from text to speech. Get started for free or learn more about how easy it is to use a text reader.


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