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New features to make listening and learning even easier.

August 14, 2020

Over the past few months, we've been reviewing our brilliant Leksi community's comments and suggestions. And we've got great news! With your help, we've implemented new features that'll make Leksi a lot easier and more convenient to use. Today, we're sharing these features with you, along with some tips on how to best use them.

Listen Faster

Some of us love to speed things up. Reading is no exception. One of the wonderful things about listening to articles and books is that you can increase the reading rate and get through the material faster. Now you can listen to your articles and documents on Leksi 1.5 to 2 times faster.


To increase the reading rate on Leksi, click the speed icon on the bottom player, and choose the most comfortable speed for you.

TIP: If you're listening to a book or article to learn a new skill or to study (not for entertainment), listening at a lower speed, in the beginning, may help you remember and understand more. Once you're more familiar with the concepts, speeding it up will help you get through the material faster.

Delete Audio Notes

If you're a big fan of text to speech and love to listen and learn, your Leksi Library is probably quite full. To keep your Library clean and easy to navigate, you can now delete old audio notes you don't want to keep.

To delete an audio note, click on the menu tab for your audio note. Then select the "Delete" option. Deleting an audio note will permanently take it out of your playlist.


Open A Document

From the same dropdown menu as the "Delete" option, you can also open and view your document in a separate window. This is most helpful if you want to read along as Leksi reads aloud or if you need to edit an audio note you created.

TIP: Follow these steps to edit your audio note:

1. Open the document for your audio note by selecting "Open Document".
2. Copy and paste the text of your document into the text entry box in Leksi.
3. Make your desired edits.
4. Convert your new note to audio by pressing "Listen to this".

Voila! Now you can listen to your new audio note and toss the old version.

Listen on Podcast

Podcasts are hot these days. With Leksi, you can easily listen to the articles and documents you've converted from text to speech in the Apple Podcast app. You'll have all your listening entertainment all in one place.


Here's how to listen to your audio notes on Apple Podcast:

1. From the sidebar menu of your Library, click "Listen on Podcast".
2. Allow your screen to redirect you to the Apple Podcast app.
3. A Leksi thumbnail will appear along with a list of your audio notes.
4. Press Play and enjoy!

TIP: If you're heading to a faraway land where internet connection is nonexistent (camping or flying), you can download your Leksi audio notes on Apple Podcast and listen even without a connection.

We're always on the lookout for new ways to make Leksi more useful and convenient. Send your suggestions and ideas to hello@leksi.co and we'll get straight to work on it.

If you haven't taken Leksi for a spin, you can try it for free. Start here!


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